About Us

"My passion and interest in the nail industry came to me at the young age of eight years old, when I shaped, painted and beautified the nails of all my girlfriends, and eventually their sisters and mothers as well."

I knew I had the gift of transforming tired and lifeless nails to beautiful healthy natural nails that women always dreamed they could have.

I followed that intuition and eagerly began my career in nail care at the age of eighteen. This was in the 80's, there wasn't a salon on every corner like today.                 

Within the next five years, I was fortunate to gain as much experience and confidence to open my own salon.

The Heart of Nails salon opened in Toronto in 1994, and a new concept was created by Michelle Siegel. A salon that specialized in natural nail growth.

Noticing the obvious need for a quality natural nail product that delivers what it promises, Michelle created and developed the Heart of Nails two-step Natural care System after years of research and development in both laboratory and salon.

The Heart of Nails salon and its products became a concept. A busy, popular, and highly recommended nail salon. A Heart of Nails manicure became easily recognizable. The Heart of Nails was truly something magical. Over the next 10 years the salon became an exceptional natural nail haven for hundreds women to come and witness the transformation from their tired and weak nails, to the beautiful natural nails that they can easily possess. Clients  purchase the unique products and polishes, and are given the rules of application. They continue to maintain their nails at home and are amazed by the miraculous results.

The Heart of Nails salon was featured in an episode of “Bella” for the Women's Television Network, the product line was featured in Flare magazine and in 2007 Heart of Nails was available for a year on The Shopping Channel.  The Heart of Nails grew in popularity as a brand that "really works". We continue to supply our unique signature products to women across North America, and Europe.

The fashion industry continues to show a rapidly growing interest in nail care and the importance of natural nail maintenance.

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