HEART TO HEART

So pleased to find your website with the BEST nail treatment I have ever used. None left at TSC (protein) hence my big order - don’t want to run out again - gifts for my granddaughter & daughters & me!I tell everyone about this amazing product. Please rush the order. Thank you.
Hello I was just wondering if you are coming back to the shopping channel I hope. If not is it the same shipping and samemethod to order off your website. I love your products and hope you are going to come back to the shopping channel. Is there any place that you sell your product in Edmonton Alberta. This is the first time in my whole life I have had nice nails. Thank you Allison.

I love your product! Have been using it for almost a year, and am amazed at my nails.
Thanks Michelle I appreciate it. I really love your products and I am encouraging all my friends to try your products.

Saw your booth at the NWS in Ottawa this weekend and bought the Essentials Duo (I think that's the name anyways) kit. I love it and wish I had bought 2 more! Also would like to get some polish. So, long way to ask you - do you sell your products at any salon in Ottawa?Thanks in advance!Cheers,Colleen

I have enjoyed using the heart of nails system for many months with great results!!
Langley, BC

I love your products - they are the best I have ever used and I get complimented on my nails all the time! Thanks.    I hope you had a lovely Easter and holiday. I just wanted to let you know that my Mom LOVED her products!!   She was so surprised and when she saw the Heart of Nails box she freaked out with happiness!! Every time she opened another protein she got more and more excited!! She has been so stressed at work and I have not seen her that happy in a long time. Seeing her so excited made me so happy!Thanks again for everything!! Athena J

Your product is wonderful! I managed to pick it up at the National Women's Show in Ottawa in March.
Thanks and keep up the good work for the sake of our nails! Best regards,Joanne. Ottawa, ON

I have used your products with much success and have ordered 2 or 3 times. I amout of the Protein completely and my nails are suffering. Could you possiblyget in touch with me.I would order the Protein and possibly other products. am anxious to reorder.
Sincerely, Dorothy.

I do love your products, the nail protein and nail balm.  Please do not stop offering these products on your website.  I have been your customer since seeing your first presentation on the Shopping Channel. I was glad to see that you were selling these products on-line.  Since you left the shopping channel, I have ordered a few times, and was always pleased with the fast, efficient, and accuracy of each order.  So much so, when asked about my nails, I refer my friends to you without hesitation.
Thank you,

I've been using HON for 2 years now, and my nails have never looked better! It's amazing to me that I get compliments on my nails all the time now, when for my first 49 years, they broke every time I so much as looked at them. (My thumb nails still break really low down, no idea why.) I adore your product, and recommend it to everyone I know.

Hello, I am writing regarding your nail protein. I have been using your product for several months & now I can't live without it. I am 50 & never been able to grow my own nails. I have tried everything that even hints it will help with nail growth & strength, nothing has ever worked until I found your product. My manicurist was shocked to see me with my own nails growing. She asked what I was using & wanted to try the product for herself. She could not believe the results. She is interested in selling your product in her salon. I was hoping that your product would possibly be sold in some salons. This product is amazing & as I said at the start of the e-mail "I can't live without it". Thank you for your help Look forward to hearing from you. Pat

I was disappointed not to see you at the Ottawa Women's Show this spring.
But knowing I can still order the products on line is great!
I hope your business is doing well as I truly love and believe in your product!
Cheers,  Joanne

It really works. I know longer get gel nails done.

Just wanted to let you know that your product was the first one I've found in 40 years that finally worked.  I LOVE IT!!  THANK GOD I FOUND YOU, and so pleased to see that you were on the internet after not coming back to the shopping channel.  I had nails that were so thin and peeling they were painful.  Nobody can believe that my nails are real now.  Thank you again for sharing your amazing product. Kathryn.

Hi Michelle - I thought I would check out your website and I found that I could just order on line!  
Thank you!  Sandra

I cannot live without Heart of Nails!

I told Michelle at the Toronto show that I would only buy the protein polish only if she would give me her phone number, because I would call her if it didn't work. Well it worked and I am ordering more.

I tried to re-order on the Shopping Channel and did not find your product available on their website...so I decided to google you...and voila...
Enjoy your products and the protein has really strengthened my nails
Thank you

Used products since March 2008 and now promoting to friends and re-stocking.

Love the product ... hope to visit your salon again one day!

I have ordered three of each product.  One for myself (I bought a small quantity at Women's Show, Love it!) and one for each of my sister's as a xmas gift.  If you have gift pkg. for two of them I would greatly appreciate it.
Thank you.

Luv, luv your products - I can't believe how healthy and strong my nails are now - what a superb product! B.M

I love the product it is the best thing that has ever happened to my nails thanks. A.A

Love Love Love it and so do all my friends!  Hence the big order.  I give it a perfect ten...nails that is! Thanks a million, Karen

I love your products.  My nails have gone from dry, cracking, weak to long and strong!

I bought at the National Women’s Show in Toronto and it is AWESOME!!!

This nail polish has made my nails grow and be stronger.  Thanks  :)
The sooner the better - my nails are in desperate need of protein.

Hello, I am from Calgary, Alberta. I was wondering if there is anywhere that I can buy your products here. I just love them!  Thanks, Marilyn

Whenever anyone comments on my nails (which are really nice) - I tell them all about my great experience with Heart of Nails - a lot of people are interested. I love your product so much that I want to share it with everyone I possibly can.

Hi, I purchased your products when you were appearing on The shopping channel & I absolutely love them.

I`ve tried many nail products over the years, none of which compare to your product line.
Thanks for such an incredible line of nail products! Is it possible to purchase the protein on its own? I would appreciate it very much if you could let me know. Once again, thank you so much for the most amazing nail products on the market! Pam.

Thank you for such great stuff - nails have never been this nice. Gwen.

I have been using Heart of Nails products for several years now; and really love them. B.M

I love love love your stuff! Thank you. I was thrilled to find you on line. M.G.
I will be going to Toronto this month.
I'm wondering if you have a retail location to purchase your products? Love them! Await your reply, Jeannie.

I love you heart of nails - for the first time I have been able to grow beautiful nails. I was wondering if you have any stores, or salons that carry your products in Winnipeg? My first order was from the Shopping channel - I have given sets as gifts and have been stopped by absolute strangers asking how I can have such nice nails - me, I used to have gel nails! Keep up the good work!!Gail

Love love love your polishes and nail essentials!! My nails are absolutely amazing. Thank you for my beautiful nails and hands. Lisa T.

I was given your name by a lady I met on a cruise ship and I think both my husband and I would benefit from using your nail hardening formula. Phyllis.

Good afternoon - I purchased your product at the Women's Show last year and it does work! Thanks, Diane.

Great nail protein - never tried the polishes but am this time around.  Having nice (and long) nails for the 1st time in many years!
Finally a product that works!!

Hi, I purchased your cream and polish at the women's show in Ottawa.
I have a girlfriend who is having a birthday and I want to send her the same product.
Could I purchase the set from you and have you ship it to her in Toronto?  Please advise.
I would like to do this within a day or so...the sooner the better.  Thanks, Christine.

Hi this is Marian. I would like to know if you have the color MADDY available.
It's a favorite and I get many compliments.

I am just anxious to get the nail-kit off to my aunt. I am absolutely loving it. It is strengthening my nails daily and I forever "ditched" my bio-gel's.
Please don't ever stop selling this product.....it is, without a doubt, the very best nail treatment that I have ever used - all others cracked, chipped and split my nails because they got harder and more brittle.  Thank you for this product and I hope I can purchase it forever! Brenda.

Good morning,
First, I love your product ! Congratulations.
Thanks, Sophia

Hello, this is a birthday gift to my daughter.  Is there any chance of sending this in a small gift box perhaps? with a bow?  I love your products and use them daily! Thanks,Brenda

I'm so glad you are selling on line. I had purchased your product off the shopping channel and had great results. Kathy.

Thank you and can't wait to get started again on this great product. Dorothy

Hi, Michelle,  I mentioned to you that yours is the only product that solved my problem of splitting nails. 
Within a week I saw the difference and am a very happy customer. Thank You.  Judy

Hi Michelle, your polishes and kits are amazing and thank you for bringing your products to the general public. R.H.

Please deliver as soon as possible. Hope you will be back at TSC soon!! This is a great product, and I would hate to be without it! Hope to hear from you soon.Yvonne.

I spoke to Michelle the other day and told her how great your products are. I have bitten my nails since I had teeth and they were in a real mess until using your protein and balm. I get so many compliments about my nails, most people think they are fake because they look so great. Thanks for having such a great natural product line for nails!!!!! Rose.

Hello there. I bought your product the last time you were on TSC and it really, really works. I have very small nail beds and the nails are past my fingertips!  which is pretty long! A totally devoted fan!Kathie RyanBarrie, Ontario

The nail polish is amazing. It wears so well. I want to buy more colors. Will you have more colors available soon? Thanks, Susan.

Hi  Michelle,Thank you for the top coat nail polish you sent to me. P.S  Love your products, Happy Easter Michelle and Staff.  Debbie.Eriksdale, Manitoba.

I have a niece that is a BAD nail chewer.  The ends of her fingers are like little bulbs from chewing.  I would like to help her have wonderful nails in the new year and also to celebrate here 1st wedding anniversary in March.  Would you kindly let me know which products to purchase and also how she needs to use them.
Thank you
Leona. Thunder Bay, Ontario

Hello, I love your products! Is there any place that you sell your product in Edmonton Alberta.  This is the first time in my whole life I have had nice nails. Thank you Allison.

Months ago, I ordered the Heart of Nails. My daughter and I have used all the protein and top coat, then ordered another bottle of this product. I have searched and searched for you! We can't wait! We have used nail protein from other companies, spent a fortune and nothing compares with your product. It is simply the best on the market as far as we are concerned. I have been laboriously searching the net and sure enough, after a million tries, I have located you! I just wanted to tell you, there is nothing and I mean nothing like Heart of Nails Protein! Thanks for creating such a solution to our "nail issues". Libby.

I purchased your product at LifeFest in Toronto this year – I love the Protein and nail polish – my nails have never been so healthy. Kristine.

Hello there. Many thanks and the whites of my nails are as long as the pink of my nails!!!!!  
I could be a walking advertisement for your products!
Barrie, On

 I love the color descriptions you have included with your nail polishes on line. 
What a huge difference when trying to figure out what the color might be. Irene

Many thanks and my nails are still beautiful!  (I'm the one from Barrie...when I came in, you had me show all your clients my BEAUTIFUL nails)  Many thanks, Michelle, your faithful subject. Kathie.

I am interested in ordering your product.  I have heard very good results.

                                                HEART TO HEART

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